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Bid for Surgery: Rules For  COSMETIC SURGERY

Rules of the COSMETIC SURGERY Bidding Process




Rule #1:    There are several types of cosmetic surgery depending on the specific body areas you are interested in rejuvenating.

Rule #2:    Cosmetic Surgery may be performed at a hospital, ambulatory (outpatient) surgery center or at the Cosmetic surgeon's office. If the surgeon has given you an all-inclusive bid, the cost of the facility, tests, anesthesia and other services are included in his fee. If the surgeon gives you a bid for professional services and quoted separate costs for the other categories, they will be summarized as "Other Expense" in your bid. Once you have selected a bidding physician, clicking on his bid will reveal the detail of all the bid expenses. You should discuss these costs at the time of your face-to-face consultation.

Rule #3:    Cosmetic surgery may be performed under a variety of anesthetic methods. The price of your surgery varies depending on whether surgery is performed under local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation, general anesthesia (sleep throughout) or spinal anesthesia. The bid price from the surgeon includes the cost of the preferred anesthesia. If your preference or medical condition requires an anesthesia method other than the type bid by the surgeon, additional costs may be involved. This should be discussed with the surgeon at the time of your face-to-face consultation.

Rule #4:    Pre-surgical testing may be required prior to the Cosmetic surgery. Commonly required pre-surgical tests may include blood tests, chest x-ray, EKG and/or urinalysis. Standard tests are included in your bid price. If you have an extenuating medical condition requiring additional testing, there may be an additional cost. This should be discussed with the surgeon at the time of your face-to-face consultation.

Rule #5:    Your identity is confidential. At the completion of registration, an ID number will be assigned to you by Medicine Online.

Rule #6:    You must specify the city/zip code/state where you prefer to have your cosmetic surgery performed. Cosmetic surgeons located in nearby cities may bid for your surgery.

Rule #7:    You are responsible for the costs of travel, hotel accommodations, meals and transportation to the preferred city/state where you want your Cosmetic surgery performed.

Rule #8:    Information related to the surgical procedure(s) that you desire will be posted and available for review by cosmetic surgeons who are registered with BidForSurgery only. At this time, the physicians are not given access to your name. They will only see the medical history you have provided and the community in which you reside.

Rule #9:    The bidding process for your cosmetic surgery will close 72 hours after your procedure is posted.

Rule #10:    You will be notified via e-mail from MOL of information provided by each bidding Cosmetic surgeon. The bid price you receive is all inclusive. You will receive information from and about each bidding surgeon including: surgeon's name, surgeon's professional fee, facility fees, fees for pre-surgical tests, anesthesiologist fee, other expenses, number of malpractice cases during the last 2 years; number of sanctions during the last 2 years; surgeon's success rate for the desired surgery, among others.

Rule #11:    You will be provided the bidding Cosmetic surgeons' practice website address (provided by the surgeons). You should visit the surgeons' websites and carefully and thoroughly review, investigate and evaluate the surgeons' credentials and qualifications.

Rule #12:    Your review of the cosmetic surgeons' credentials and qualifications should include Board Certification, residency training, years in practice, publications, academic appointments, professional achievements, participation in resident training and hospital clinical privileges for the procedure(s) to be performed.

Rule #13:    You should review the credentials and qualifications of each of the bidding cosmetic surgeons along with their total procedure fee. You are not obligated to accept any of the bids. If you elect to follow through, you will have 7 days following the close of the bidding process to select one or more than one of the bidding surgeons. You should contact the surgeon(s) you selected to schedule a free, face-to-face consultation within 21 days from the date that the reverse auction closed. The process can not proceed without the consultation.

Rule #14:    A face-to-face consultation with one or more cosmetic surgeons that you selected is free of charge. However, you may be responsible for the cost of any tests and exams that may be ordered and performed by the cosmetic surgeon at the time of your face-to-face consultation.

Rule #15:    It is not uncommon that the cosmetic surgeon suggest other associated cosmetic procedures at the time of your face-to-face consultation. You should discuss the additional cost with the cosmetic surgeon at the consultation.

Rule #16:    You are empowered to select one of the bidding cosmetic surgeons to perform your cosmetic surgery, or to halt the process with no further obligation.

Rule #17:    It is the responsibility of the cosmetic surgeon you select to provide you with an Informed Consent prior to your surgery.

Rule #18:    The purpose of the face-to-face consultation is for you and the cosmetic surgeon of your choice to decide whether or not your desired cosmetic procedure(s) will be performed. At that time, you and the cosmetic surgeon will establish the patient-doctor relationship; the surgeon will perform the pre-operative patient evaluation; and you and the surgeon will review his/her total procedure fee associated with your desired procedure(s).

    The cosmetic surgeon has no obligation to perform your cosmetic surgery and may decline to accept you for surgery for any reason whatsoever at or following your face-to-face consultation. Likewise, you may decline to accept the cosmetic surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery with no obligation and for any reason whatsoever at or following your face-to-face consultation.

Rule #19:    The cosmetic surgeon's total procedure fee is due in full prior to your surgery.

Rule #20:    The costs of pre and post-surgical medications are your responsibility.

Rule #21:    As in any surgical procedure, complications may occur. Additional costs may be incurred for the care/treatment of complications. You are responsible for any additional costs associated with such complications.

Rule #22:    The post-surgical care for a procedure without complications is included in the cosmetic surgeon's total procedure fee.

Rule #23: functions solely as an electronic exchange for persons seeking Cosmetic surgery from Cosmetic surgeons who are willing to participate in the online competitive bidding process to render their professional surgical services. There is no implied or actual endorsement or credentials review of participating physicians by Medicine Online Inc..


If you have any questions or concerns, or need further clarification with regard to the Rules of the Bidding Process, please contact MOL:

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    Direct Mail:        18800 Delaware Street, Suite 650
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