Bid for Surgery

Bid For Surgery

If you're thinking about a cosmetic procedure -- cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser vision-correction surgery, or podiatric surgery -- then Bid For Surgery can help you find not only the right doctor charging a fair price, but the best total package for your individual medical or dental care.

How? By introducing you to many highly-qualified, well-experienced doctors, and having these doctors offer their "bids" for your procedure -- detailed bids that include:

  • their medical education and credentials;
  • their practice history and practice philosophy;
  • patient references and typical outcomes;
  • their associated surgical facilities;
  • their office location, and languages spoken;
  • patient financing (coming soon);
  • and other important information -- including their best price.

Much of this information comes from respected, impartial sources such as the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Medical Association. You'd never select a doctor on price alone (although price is always a consideration), and that's why these bids are so thoroughly complete -- making them trustworthy, verifiable on-line references.

Doctors belonging to premier medical organizations participate in Bid For Surgery, organizations like the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the California Society for Plastic Surgeons. You'll see the exceptional qualifications of participating doctors for yourself, and you can use Bid For Surgery's on-site resources to learn even more about your procedure, your choice of doctors, their prices, and so on.

All of the responding doctors' bids will be sent directly to you, and you can select any of them -- or all of them -- for a free in-person consultation. Your consultations as well as your "comparison shopping" as a fully-informed medical consumer are all quick, simple, free, anonymous, secure, and absolutely without obligations

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